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What We Do

In order to end abortion, it's not enough solely to lobby MPs or educate young people - rather, we need to do both of those things and more!

The scope of our work extends from raising public awareness, to showing young people the pro-life facts in schools, to supporting doctors and parents who are standing up for life against the pressures they face. 

A lot of our work involves lobbying Parliament, as SPUC was founded to oppose changes which undermined legal protection for the unborn in Great Britain. However, as the first pro-life campaign organisation established in the world, we have also developed a role in international lobbying.

By protecting unborn children at all levels of society – from Westminster and the courts, to schools and families – we're defending life against multiple threats.

Public awareness

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Pro-life volunteers stand up for life across the country

One reason why the practice of abortion has become ingrained in society is that the victims are unknown, unseen and unheard.  

The embryo is a unique, human, living being – a new person.  We all share this beginning, and we need to protect those who come after us.

Knowledge about fertilisation and early human development has expanded hugely over the past 200 years We are better placed than at any time in history to recognise the early human being as one of us.

We present this knowledge to the public in many ways. Examples include: through public witness, like our pro-life chains, Project Truth, and street stalls, through speaking at conferences and organising our own, through our briefings, research and other publications, and through our support of educators.

Our issues

SPUC helps people address issues like:

  • When does a new life begin? Is this a question of opinion or a question of fact?
  • How does abortion affect women's health and welfare?
  • What about rape?
  • Why are there so many abortions when contraceptives are readily available?
  • Why does the NHS fund abortions, which provide no health benefits but actually harm women?

There is more to being pro-life than just believing that life is precious. Our campaign slogan is: "Defending human life from conception to natural death".

This demands action - it demands that we act to protect life and to counter the forces which promote abortion, euthanasia and other threats to life.

To find out how you can get involved, click here. Everyone has something to contribute to the pro-life cause!

We Speak Out…

SPUC represents a voice for the unborn
SPUC is a voice for women. SPUC works to protect women from the tragedy of abortion by campaigning against abortion miscertification and any further expansion of abortion.
At constituency level, branches and individual members of SPUC lobby their members of parliament on right-to-life issues. SPUC monitors the voting records of MPs and MEPs.
SPUC distributes educational and informative leaflets extensively, principally through door-to-door leafleting by volunteers.
The most influential project of the SPUC Educational Research Trust, SPUC's educational charity, is How You Began, a set of anatomically accurate foetal models.
SPUC also offers schools the free services of trained speakers to give slide presentations on the humanity of the unborn child and the issue of abortion, and access to educational material for use as part of the curriculum.
SPUC regularly organises national conferences to disseminate information to members and supporters, and SPUC branches organise local educational events (e.g. A Day for Life) for members of their communities.
Electronic publications include our regular news updates and blogs , and the contents of our publications library. Print publications are advertised as and when they are published. Some go out by post, in our regular mailings to our members, while larger publications can be bought from the Shop .
SPUC organises public events to raise awareness of the loss of life and harm to women brought about under the Abortion Act. Every year, usually to mark the anniversary of the Act's coming into force on 27 April 1968, SPUC's Pro-Life Chain is held in many towns and cities around the UK. The Pro-Life Chain is a continuous line of volunteers silently holding placards to the view of passing traffic.
National and local spokespersons of the society participate frequently in interviews and debates in the press and the broadcast media.
SPUC monitors developments in the European Parliament and works with MEPs to promote pro-life measures in Europe. The society makes available its advice and assistance for pro-life initiatives in other countries in collaboration with overseas colleagues.