We Care About Women: Oppose Decriminalising Abortion

We Care About Women

SPUC’s campaign against decriminalising abortion

Decriminalising abortion means:

  • Taking abortion outside the law and effectively removing all legal protection for unborn children and their mothers.
  • Making abortion available at any time in pregnancy and for any reason.
  • Leaving women vulnerable to the unscrupulous abortion industry in our country.
  • Opening up dangerous legal home abortions.

 Key arguments against decriminalisation:

  • Decriminalisation is completely unnecessary.
  • Proposals for decriminalisation are anti-democratic.
  • Abortion is not like ‘any other medical treatment’.
  • Abortion is bad healthcare for women.

The threat of decriminalisation:

In March 2017 the House of Commons voted by 172 votes to 142 to permit Diana Johnson, Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull North, to introduce a bill under the Ten Minute Rule Bill procedure, calling for the decriminalisation of abortion.

Although this bill made no more progress in that Parliament, Diana Johnson has pledged to re-introduce another measure to decriminalise abortion.

Major medical bodies backing decriminalisation:

  • British Medical Association
  • Royal College of Midwives
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Action you can take to oppose decriminalising abortion

  • Download our briefing or order a printed copy (order form below) 
  • Write to your MP asking him/her to oppose all moves in parliament to decriminalise abortion.
  • Order our door-to-door leaflet to alert people in your neighbourhood about the dangers of decriminalising of abortion (order form below)
  • Organise a local meeting as part of SPUC’s annual Campaign Tour: We Care About Women

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