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Pro-life supporters from all over the country

SPUC is a grassroots voluntary organisation.

SPUC is supported by volunteers around the country, who put their time, skills and financial support towards helping us meet our aims.

The society depends on donations and fundraising by members and supporters.

Many of the organisations opposed to the rights of unborn children benefit from funds from government departments and large grants from private foundations.

Meanwhile, SPUC is a privately funded organisation; it is not a registered charity, remaining free to pursue its legislative objectives unimpeded by the constraints of charity law. SPUC is not a body of any church or political party, and has limited affiliations, thus it is free to operate effectively across a wide denominational, political and social spectrum, thanks to the generosity of its donors and fundraisers, who enable SPUC to carry on its work.


The Wig & Pen

SPUC is a grassroots organisation; members assemble in local branches – several of which exist in a given region. By being active in their branches and regional councils, individual members of SPUC can participate at the executive level, and influence policy and leadership through the National Council.

With over 100 branches and 45,000 supporters across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland we are the largest pro-life group in the UK. You too can join our national movement for life, and support our life-affirming work.

Find out about What We Do to affirm, defend and promote the existence and value of human life.

SPUC Scotland

SPUC Scotland

We are Scotland’s pro-life organisation. Our goal is a Scotland that protects life from conception to natural death.

Find out more about SPUC Scotland

Northern Ireland

SPUC in Northern Ireland

When Westminster passed the Abortion Act in 1967 the Northern Ireland Parliament chose to retain the laws which protected children before birth. This means that Northern Ireland is the only part of the United Kingdom where abortion remains presumptively unlawful.



SPUC campaigns for the Welsh government to protect pregnant women and their unborn children.

See: Welsh people must act!

Education and Research Trust

SPUC Trust sponsored educational foetal models

The SPUC Education and Research Trust is a registered charity set up by SPUC in 1982 to finance non-political activities such as educational projects (e.g. the How You Began foetal model project, Abortion Matters), counselling, and research, including medical research without human embryo experimentation. The trust promotes research on demographic issues and maternal and child welfare, and seeks for the protection of the right to life to be safeguarded. Specialist areas of activity have been developed under the auspices of the Trust.

Visit the e-library to view some of SPUC’s research output.


African schoolchildren listen to a pro-life speaker

SPUC supports pro-life initiatives around the world, in partnership with local organisations.

In recent years SPUC representatives have been invited to speak on many occasions at national and international conferences and other meetings

Voice of the Family

Voice of the Family

The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a founding member of Voice of the Family, an international coalition of Catholics working within pro-life, pro-family organisations worldwide. The coalition currently has 25 member organisations, spread across all five continents.