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Every year SPUC receives hundreds of requests from schools all over the UK, asking us to provide knowledgeable and well-trained speakers who can give the SPUC pro-life presentation to students and sixth formers.

SPUC has a team of highly trained speakers to visit your school free of charge.

Eileen Brydon, SPUC's education officer, has this to say: "Every time a SPUC speaker speaks to students they are touching the hearts and minds of future generations. That is because they are speaking the truth. A SPUC schools speaker will both change and save lives".

The school talk is a highly visual and engaging presentation of our established pro-life position on abortion. It includes video footage of the unborn baby developing in the womb and short interviews with women who speak about their experience of pregnancy and abortion. The 40 minute presentation allows time for a Q&A session and student participation within the usual lesson plan. Very positive feedback from teachers and pupils!

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You can also contact our Education team on:
Phone: 01733 668740 (or for Scotland: 0141 221 2094)

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In the last decade a number of university pro-life societies have sprung up around the UK, which is a very good thing.

Student societies bring likeminded pro-lifers together to shape and influence their university environment and bring the truth about human life to fellow students at a pivotal time in a person's life. After all, universities are where young people go in order to study subjects such as medicine, teaching, law and politics. These are all areas of public life where it is essential that pro-lifers are not silenced.

Equally, when you leave home and go to university you will encounter beliefs and ideologies which you may well never have come across before. It is a time when you should have the opportunity to explore new ideas, challenge established opinions and learn to think for yourself! It is essential that freedom of speech and expression on campus is not undermined.

At SPUC, we help student societies by providing expert speakers, providing pro-life leaflets and literature free of charge, providing advice on setting up a society and helping with any difficulties which might occur once established. We are always keen to keep in touch with students and support them in any way we can.

You can contact our education team on:
Phone: 01733 668740 (or for Scotland: 0141 221 2094)