Media Contacts

Thank you for your interest in SPUC. For press inquiries, please email our main press contact, Tom Hamilton, or the relevant press contact from the list below. If you have a general query, please feel free to get in touch or call 020 7091 7091.

Tom Hamilton: SPUC Press Officer

Tom Hamilton

Press Contact

Tel: 0141 639 8355
Mob: 07836 603977

Antonia Tully: SPUC Press Officer

Antonia Tully

Director of Campaigns:
Safe at School

Dr Anthony McCarthy: SPUC Press Officer

Dr Anthony McCarthy

Director of Research and Education

Michael Robinson: SPUC Press Officer

Michael Robinson


Liam Gibson: SPUC Press Officer

Liam Gibson

Northern Ireland
Development Officer

Alithea Williams: SPUC Press Officer

Alithea Williams


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