Say No to Buffer Zones

A mother who was helped explains why pro-life vigils should continue

Every year hundreds of women decide not to have an abortion because they encounter a pro-life counsellor outside the abortion clinic. This vital pro-life work usually involves a small number of courageous people who pray quietly and offer a lifeline to vulnerable women.

SPUC is running a major campaign to safeguard peaceful pro-life vigils. While holding pro-life vigils is not part of SPUC’s remit, SPUC believes that rescuing women and their unborn babies at the doors of abortion facilities is vital pro-life work. And many SPUC members and supporters do join in such vigils. 

This little girl is alive today because her Mum was helped by a pro-life pavement counsellor

Under attack

This life-saving work is under attack by the powerful abortion lobby.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) - Britain's biggest abortion provider, responsible for 65,000 abortions each year in the UK - and Marie Stopes International want to ban pro-lifers from standing outside their premises. BPAS stands to lose out financially every time a woman is helped to choose life for her baby. On average, each time a woman decides not to proceed with an abortion the clinic in question stands to lose more than £500 in revenue.

Concerted campaign against pro-life vigils 2017-2018

  • Peaceful, pro-life vigils are being presented as "harassment and intimidation".
  • Councils around the country have passed motions calling for a ban on pro-life vigils.
  • The Home Secretary has launched a review into "abortion protests".

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