Massive pro-life billboard to run in Times Square

11 April 2019

The billboard attacks Planned Parenthood and promises that the pro-life generation are coming to vote out abortion.

The 15 second video ad will run a minimum of 720 times and be seen by tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of people

New York’s Times Square is one of the busiest and most iconic places in the world. For a few days, the many signs advertising iconic brands and Broadway shows will be joined by one promoting the pro-life message.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is sponsoring a massive 50-foot-tall video billboard in Times Square this week, with a message attacking Planned Parenthood and abortion extremism. It is set to run for three days, coinciding with SFLA’s National Gala in New York City.

One of the images in the video says that only 7% of millennials support the abortion extremism made legal in New York State, referring to recent legislation . It is followed by a message promising: “the pro-life generation has arrived to vote out abortion”.

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins told LifeNews: “We had to fight to have our message heard as twice companies pulled the plug on our custom-made ad after intensive negotiations. But we don’t give up on college campuses, even when facing threats of violence, and we didn’t give up on sending a message to the vast majority of New Yorkers who reject infanticide and are horrified by the abortion extremism recently legalized in New York.”

Seen by thousands with abortion debate raging

However, she said that it was worth the fight. “Our billboard is set to run on a 50-foot-tall HD video screen in one of the busiest locations on the planet,” Ms Hawkins explained. “Over three days, the 15 second video ad will run a minimum of 720 times and be seen by tens – if not hundreds – of thousands of people.”

The billboard is showing at a time of increased debate and division over abortion across America. In addition to New York, states such as New Mexico, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia are supporting bills that would allow abortion up to birth. On the other hand, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississipi, Missouri, South Carolina and West Virginia are among the states that have either passed "heartbeat" legislation or are hoping to do so.

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