Abortion Pills: Not Safe or Simple

Abortion Pills: Not Safe or Simple Abortion Pills: Not safe, Not simple.

Around the world abortion is undergoing a major change.

Abortion pills used in so-called medical abortions have overtaken surgical abortions.

Why is this happening?

This shift is being driven by ideological goals including, in the proponents’ words, “empowering women” through:

  • The widest possible availability of abortion
  • Self-managed or do-it-yourself abortions
  • Reducing the involvement of medical professionals.

In Britain and Northern Ireland there are two significant campaigns underway to normalise abortion pills and reduce medical supervision:

  • The decriminalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland, England and Wales
  • Giving women the second abortion pill to take at home rather than in a medical setting in ScotlandWales and England.

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